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Custom Printed Tape

custom designed printed tapes

Custom Printing Services

QSPAC offers custom designed printed tapes. If you are looking for an inexpensive advertising solution or need higher security in your packaging, we can design a printed tape that will fulfill your needs. QSPAC will print on Reinforced Paper Tape, Gummed Tape, Masking Tape, Polypropylene Tape, PVC Tape, and other surface printable tapes.

Advantages of Using Printed Tape

  • Advertises – Printed tape spotlights your company, product or logo from the time the carton leaves your plant until it reaches the consumer.
  • Identifies – Printed tape instantly identifies the contents of the carton for proper handling and storage.
  • Reduces Pilferage – Printed tape cannot be broken and resealed without detection and warns the consignee not to accept merchandise with a broken seal.
  • Carries Special Instructions – Printed tape can carry a special “Warning”, “Fragile”, “Glass”, “Handle with Care”, “Open This End”, etc. message to aid the consumer and help safeguard the merchandise.
  • Reduces Carton Cost – No need to carry large inventories of various printed cartons of the same size. Buy plain cartons and use different printed tapes for identification.
  • Traces Lost Shipments – Printed tape makes the cartons easier to find and identify.
  • Creates Good Will – Customers know you have done everything possible to protect the merchandise and identify the product. This creates a favorable impression.

Our knowledgeable service representatives will be happy to help you determine the type of tape best suited to your needs, as well as tape width and length.

reinforced paper tape

Other Custom Services

  • Sheeting – Pressure sensitive and non-adhesive products cut in sheet form up to 60″ wide.
  • Laminating – Pressure sensitive adhesive up to 54″ wide on a variety of extrusions and substrates, in roll for or sheets.
  • Rewinding – Pressure sensitive tape, rewound to various length rolls, on 1″ and 3″ cores.

What is Surface Printed Tape?

Your design will be printed on the surface of the tape. Here are some benefits if surface printing:

  • Short lead times
  • Printing up to 3 colors in-house
  • Small quantities for minimum orders
  • Quality tape printed in North America
  • In-house Graphic Design to assist with artwork

Check out the video to learn more about surface and lock printed tape.

Interested in getting a quote? Check out our Artwork Guidelines belowThey contain valuable information to prevent delays with your custom tape job.
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