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Q-Tip 6/24/19

Happy Monday My Friends,

So soon this month has passed. Seems I was just posting  and it was the beginning of June. As we close this month our letter of encouragement this week is about Love and Friendship.

Always be a little kinder than necessary. (Sir James Matthew Barrie)

To give counsel as well as to take it is a feature of true friendship. (Marcus Tullius Cicero)

Laughter is the closest distance between two people. (Victor Borge)

Love is like war, easy to begin but very hard to stop. (H.L. Mencken)

If you have only one smile in you, give it to people you love. Don’t be surly at home, then go out in the street and start grinning “Good Morning” at strangers. (Maya Angelou)

An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind. (Buddha)

If I can stop one heart from breaking, If I can ease one pain, then my life will not have been in vain. (Emily Elizabeth Dickinson)

The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own. (Benjamin Disraeli)


Wishing everyone a wonderful week,
Susie Q for QSPAC signing off