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Q-Tip 3/27/17

Happy Monday my friends,

We made it through first quarter inventory so what a great time to relax and enjoy some words of encouragement.

“A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.” (Patricia Neal)

We don’t understand entirely why positive thoughts impact our bodies in positive ways; we just know that they do. Research has shown that people who are sick improve more quickly when they have a positive attitude rather than a negative attitude. And we all know the power of the placebo effect. A positive attitude by itself may not cure an illness, but at the very least it helps us cope better. If a positive attitude can help us when we’re sick, how might it benefit us when we’re not sick?

NOTE TO SELF: I can face whatever comes today with a positive attitude. (Linda Picone)

It is not the Path. It is the Walking (Zen saying)

If you want a certain thing, you must be a certain person. Once you are that certain person, obtaining that certain thing will no longer be a concern. (Zen saying)

Let’ be that certain person and approach each and every situation with positivity whether it be at work or in our personal life. Start your own miracle today.

I regret to inform you but you will not be receiving a Q-Tip next Monday as I will be away on vacation meeting my great niece Emma for the first time. Although I am known as the fun aunt, (just ask my 3 great nephews LOL) I do try to show them positive ways to handle their little situations. If we teach the young at an early the power of positive thinking just think what the future will hold for them.

P.S. I will send a Q-Tip Wednesday morning when I return to the office. Better late than never right ???

(Although my tips are written with the intention to inspire everyone I would like to dedicate this particular message today to my C.S. team in NC)

Have a wonderful week, until next time this is Susie Q for QSPAC signing off.