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Q-Tip 2/20/17

Dear All,

As I was compiling this week’s tip I happened upon a few readings that I believe pertain to us all on a daily basis and was so inspired by the messages I wanted to share.



“it is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.” George Washington


We all make mistakes. The problem isn’t so much making the mistakes as the lengths to which we sometimes go to defend ourselves when we make them.However deep the hole that making the mistake has put us in, it just gets deeper the more we try to explain ourselves. If we would simply  say, “I was wrong” and move on, we wouldn’t waste so much of our time and energy , and the people around us would respect us more.


Note to self:

I will try to calmly admit any mistakes I make today ….. and then move on. (Linda Picone)





“One kind word can warm three winter months.”  Japanese Proverb


It’s easy to say something nice–and even easier to neglect to do so. We glow when someone tells us how much they appreciate something we’ve done, even if what we’ve done is as inconsequential as holding open a door. But in our busy rush, we don’t always think to pass such kindnesses on to others.


Note to self:

I will offer kind words to others as often as I can. (Linda Picone)



There is only one time when it is essential to awaken. That time is now.” Buddha


Even with our eyes open, we sometimes go through our days as if we’re sleepwalking. These are the only days we have; we need to be aware of them.


Note to self:

I will be awake, really awake, today. (Linda Picone)


I hope you feel the same as I do after reading these today. We all make mistakes in our daily lives, whether it be in our personal life  or on the job. By all of us trying to use “kind” words in dealing with any given  situation, we not only help one another accept the error but also to move on. Thus helping us “awaken” to what should be important, striving to be a better person. This kind of positivity is infectious and before you know it the people around you are just as positive.


Wishing everyone a very HAPPY and POSITIVE week


Suzie Q for QSPAC signing off