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Q-Tip 1/8/18

Good Morning my dear friends,

Ready to start the New Year with our first letter of encouragement. The world is constantly changing just as our lives do. It’s how we react to the change that is important. We can focus and accept change graciously and grow or we can sit back, do nothing and watch as things pass us by.
“Sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter. Who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom, but we hope it, we know it.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
When our lives are difficult, we feel as if things will never change. This, in turn, makes it harder for us to take the steps that might create the change we want. When we look back on our lives, we can see that we’ve had both good and bad times. Somehow, we survived the bad times, and things eventually got better. The passage of time helped, but we also acted in ways that moves us towards a happier place.
My life is filled with ups and downs. If today is a bad day – or this week is a bad week – I know it’s not forever and that I will come through it.(Linda Picone)
Health for both mind and body comes from not mouring over the past, not worrying about the future, but to live the present moment wisely. (Zen saying)
No matter how you feel – get up, get dressed, show up and never give up. (Lessons Learned in Life)
For each of you my friends, DON’T GIVE UP. DON’T QUIT. FORGET THE PAST. REMEMBER THAT 2018 IS FULL OF BLESSINGS.(Beauty of Life)
Wishing everyone a wonderful week.
Susie Q for QSPAC signing off