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Q-Tip 12/3/18

Surprise my friends,

It has been a long time for our letter of positivity and thought what a better time to post again than this last month of the year.
Many of us have suffered a loss this year. We all know the saying. “Life is too short”, well reflecting back on the loss, no matter what age the person was, we feel we still should have more time with them. Events happen daily that can become a stress nightmare, but one of the best ways to handle those situations is humor. Laughter is probably the safest and best medicine ever prescribed. So try to remember when the job or personal life push you down, pull a special funny moment either shared with family or friends and have a little chuckle. It will make a world of difference in your outlook.
“Wit is the only wall between us and the dark.” (Mark Van Doren)
Without humor—without the ability to make fun of ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in—the world would be a very bleak place.With a twist of irony we can turn the bad things that happen to into amusing stories.And as we tell and retell these stories, we remind ourselves that we can bear almost anything that life can throw at us.
I will use humor to get me through difficult times. (Linda Picone)
We are shaped by our thoughts. We become what we think. (Buddha)
Humor is a serious thing. I like to think of it as one of our greatest earliest natural resources, which must be preserved at all cost.(James Thurber)
True wit is nature to advantage dressed, / What oft was thought, but ne’er so well expressed. (Alexander Pope)
Wishing everyone a wonderful week,
Susie Q for QSPAC signing off