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Q-Tip 10/12/20

October 12, 2020

Happy Monday my friends,   Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. The inspirational message I happened upon for today really hit home for me as I am sure it may for many of you. Life deals us many ups and downs but it is the way in which we handle ourselves…

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Q-Tip 9/29/20

September 29, 2020

Happy Tuesday my dear friends, This year has brought so much craziness, but thankfully we are heading into the last quarter of 2020 and can only have faith and hope the new year of 2021 will bring more happiness, joy and especially love. Love is a very strong emotion. Do…

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Q-Tip 6/15/20

June 15, 2020

Happy Monday my friends, Time is flying as usual, here we are half way through the month of June and although it seems many states are moving towards their next phases of re-opening there still seems to be many issues, safety concerns, and people are just getting weary of it…

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Q-Tip 6/8/20

June 8, 2020

Happy Monday my friends,   Throughout our lives we all have probably been challenged to take a leap of faith and try something new. We go through our day, almost mechanically, with our same routines. But in order to grow and possibly help make this world a better place, we…

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Q-Tip 6/1/20

June 1, 2020

Happy Monday My Friends,   Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. With all that is going on in today’s world and all the unrest that developed this weekend across the U.S. we need more than ever some powerful words of encouragement, positivity and something to uplift our spirits. Having a rough…

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Q-Tip 5/26/20

May 26, 2020

Happy Tuesday My Friends, Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. As this new week starts and we approach the end of May, all states are now at some level of slowly re-opening. With that brings some new anxieties, possibly fears and yet hope. Everyone of us should still practice safety…

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Q-Tip 5/18/20

May 18, 2020

Happy Monday my friends,   I want to share something that happened in Monroe last week out front of our building. I am sure you all are aware and have heard about the “Food Pantry” that many towns in various states are having or have seen the pictures on your…

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Q-Tip 5/11/20

May 11, 2020

Happy Monday my friends, Hope everyone had a good weekend. Today’s thoughts are random and from various people and hoping at least one will have some special meaning for you for whatever you may be feeling or going through right now and offers a little positivity this week. A person…

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Q-Tip 5/4/20

May 4, 2020

Happy Monday and Beginning of May,   Looks like we may be headed for a slow opening in the states again. I know it is something everyone is looking forward to, but we cannot let down our guard, for that could be the start of a second wave of the…

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Q-Tip 4/27/20

April 27, 2020

Happy Monday My Friends,   Based on the current news seems we are going to be keeping the stay at home in place for awhile. It is sad because as a person we thrive on human contact.Although we are still able to come to work or go to the store…

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Q-Tip 4/20/20

April 20, 2020

Happy Monday My Friends,   The new way of life lately is beyond our own control but what we do have the power over is our thoughts, actions and spirit. So I am hoping these words of encouragement will help keep your spirits, hearts and mind on a positive path.…

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Q-Tip 4/13/20

April 13, 2020

Happy Monday my friends, I hope today’s quotes will inspire and encourage you through the week. We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.(Friedrich Koenig) Life is not about waiting for…

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Q-Tip 4/6/20

April 6, 2020

Happy Monday My Friends,   Hope everyone had a good weekend. Another week and the reports of the virus are taking up so much of the news and although we still have a ways to go, we need to try our best to stay strong and positive. Just a few…

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Q-Tip 3/30/20

March 30, 2020

Happy Monday my friends, During these trying times it can be difficult to keep a positive outlook, but there are so many small things we can be happy for. For instance, spring is here and it is amazing to see the flowers beginning to bloom. The leaves that once were…

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Q-Tip 1/6/20

January 6, 2020

Happy Monday My Friends, What a better way to start off this New Year than with words of encouragement.  With a strong positive attitude and outlook, we can make this the best year ever with many more to come. This is the Year of the Rat, according to the Chinese…

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