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Buyers Be Aware!


Are you getting what you paid for? As competition gets tough, some suppliers/importers come up with “creative” ways to stay in the game. Over the years, we’ve been witnessingsomegimmicks played by fellow competitors. The most common one is product length shorter than the industry standard, but not labeled with correct weights and measures. Take carton sealing tape for example, the industry standard for hand roll is 110 yards (or 100 meters) in length. But, we’ve seen 100 yards or even 90 yards tapes in the market. That’s 10% to 18% less material, compared to legitimate products. At the same time, the sellers are doing everything they can to make the buyers believe that they are getting true 110 yards roll. What those crooks are betting on is that not too many customers would actually unwind a roll and measure the true length. This is true. Especially for stretch films, once it gets unwound, it stretches and makes it difficult to gettrue measurement.

So, how do we tell? Here are some clues.

  • When the price is too good to be true, it usually is.
  • Compare the outer diameter of the rolls with products from well-known and reputable manufacturers or distributors. For products with same thickness and length, the outer diameter should be very similar.
  • Is the paper core much thicker than regular? To beef up the outer diameterwith at least 10% less material, those short rolls may be using super thick low quality paper core.
  • Is the product labeling on the box clearly stating product specifications? Many of the short rolls come with vague product description on the box, such as simply 2 X110 without unit of measurement.
  • For stretch film, also look for Net Weight on the box. All the legitimate manufacturers are putting the net weight on the product label. If you cannot find such information, or if it is Gross Weight instead, be careful! Net weight does not include the weights of core and box.
  • Look for country of origin on the box. It is required that all products, especially imports, should have clear marking of country of origin. “Made for USA” does not equal to “Made in the USA”. “Made in PRC” is actually made in China (People’s Republic of China).

QSPAC takes pride in providing quality products to our distributors. All of our products are labeled according to the guidelines from the Office of Weights and Measures. We also have equipment to measure the length accurately. If you come across any suspicious product, we will be glad to test it for you.