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Posts made in February 2018

Q-Tip 2/26/18

Happy Monday My Friends, As we go through our days, some seem to be better than others. Whether at home or on the job. The ability to know when to let the bad days go and focus on the good, can be a challenge. And yet sometimes we forget those bad days can actually help […]

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Q-Tip 2/19/18

Happy Monday my friends, We all have fears in life, whether it is real or imagined.Do you fear speaking up for yourself when confronted or maybe fearing to voice your ideas. A Todays letter is about tackling fears. COURAGE “Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you’re scared.” […]

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Q-Tip 2/12/18

Happy Monday My Friends, Celebration of the Chinese New Year is February 16th. This is the year of the dog. Dogs are honest and loyal. They are the truest friends and most reliable partner. We need to see each other as that most honest, loyal and reliable partner and the growth of our company will […]

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Q-Tip 2/5/18

Happy Monday my friends, Hope everyone had a great weekend. Today’s message is about LIVING. So many times we wish our lives away waiting for the next day and the next day. But we need to stay in the moment and live each day to its fullest for tomorrow is not promised. LIVING EVERY DAY […]

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