Reloc ZippitTM Brand

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Reloc ZippitTM Brand

  • Robust White Line zipper is easy to open yet keeps your product securely inside.
  • Excellent performance time after time
  • DispenserBag provides neat storage and serves one bag at a time
  • Color coded packaging offers effortless product identification
  • Custom printing and sizes available
  • Standard packaging 100 PCS/DispenserBag
  • 10 DispenserBag/box
  • New lighter master cartons are easy and safe to handle

Product Description

The Reloc ZippitTM brand is a preferred product offering the total package, peace of mind and unsurpassed value. Our products are the perfect fit for a wide variety of industries and applications. From custom sizing to detailed printing, QSPAC is focused on leading the way in creative and innovative solutions.

Technical Specifications