Phoenix Water Activated Tape Dispensers

///Phoenix Water Activated Tape Dispensers

Phoenix Water Activated Tape Dispensers

Product Number Description
QPC-PX-M1 Phoenix Manual Dispenser
QPC-PX-M2 Phoenix Manual Dispenser with Top Heater
QPC-PX-E1 Phoenix Electronic Dispenser


Manual Series

Like all Phoenix® equipment the QPC-PX-M1 is built to create efficiency in your shipping department.  The Phoenix Manual Series will dispense up to 30” in a single pull and any desired length is achieved with multiple pulls of the handle. The manual series dispenses tapes from 1.5” through 3”.  Like all Phoenix® equipment the QPC-PX-M1 is built to crank through the big jobs and is built using steel construction with baked enamel finish to prevent corrosion.  It even has a utility top that stores markers, carton knives, hand stamps etc.

All of the great features of The QPC-PX-M1 plus the added capabilities of a top heater. In addition to the top heater, which ensures maximum penetration of the gum into your carton, The QPC-PX-M2 comes with a three brush moistening system that is the best in the industry.


Electronic Series

The QPC-PX-E1 is an absolute workhorse. With features like front-mounted keypad, self oiling cutter, thermostat controllable heater, and a uniform three brush moistening system.  The QPC-PX-E1 is ideal for most packaging applications. The continuous bottom edge crimp gives stability. The tape delivery system delivers tape with a smooth precise feed. Utility top is great for those easily misplaced items like markers, pens, carton knives, handstamps etc.

Learn more about setting up your Phoenix Tape Dispenser here: Q_video


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Technical Specifications