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Q-Tip 1/7/19

Happy Monday my friends, Quotes of inspiration to start your week: You never know through which door success will enter…your job is to keep opening doors and expecting great things to happen. (Power of Positivity) Every success has a trail of failures behind it, and every failure is leading towards success. You don’t fail by [...]

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Q-Tip 1/3/19

Happy New Year My Friends, This year the letters I post will be a bit different. Sometimes just a short sentence or two of strong and meaningful quotes might help us to remember we have the power to control and change our lives for the better every day. I hope these messages will help you [...]

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Q-Tip 12/18/18

Happy Tuesday my FRIENDS, As we near the Christmas holidays one of the joys we all have in life in friendship. We encounter many types of friends during our lives. Those we have a very close relationship with, those we have met  possibly through a friend or someone you just casually happened to meet for [...]

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Q-Tip 12/10/18

Happy Monday my friends, We all have heard or even professed “Treat others as you would have them treat you.” This will be our focus in today’s letter of inspiration and self-improvement. “GOODNESS” “Goodness is easier to recognize than to define.” (W.H. Auden) We know people who appear to fit definitions of the word good, [...]

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Q-Tip 12/3/18

Surprise my friends, It has been a long time for our letter of positivity and thought what a better time to post again than this last month of the year. Many of us have suffered a loss this year. We all know the saying. “Life is too short”, well reflecting back on the loss, no [...]

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Q-Tip 9/4/18

Happy Beginning of September my friends, Today’s message is about not giving up.Too many times we let things get us down for one reason or another. It is so easy to just be ready to throw in the towel and accept defeat. We  should be and I believe we all have that inner power, resilience [...]

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Q-Tip 8/27/18

Happy Monday my friends, Did you just ever have one of those days or even weeks, where everything you try to do seems to go badly. Kind of makes you feel like you let someone down or even yourself. I am sure all of you have heard the saying, “Turn that frown, upside down.” So [...]

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Q-Tip 8/20/18

Happy Monday my friends, This week I want to focus on something that seems a small gesture on our part, but could make a large impact in someone else's day. It could be a thank you, a smile, an atta boy, a kind or positive word is all might take to show how much that [...]

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Q-Tip 8/13/17

Happy Monday my friends, Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. How often have you listened to someone speak about their ideas or plans for something and yet you are not really listening? How badly we would feel if we knew the same was being done to us when we feel we have something we want to [...]

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Q-Tip 8/7/18

Happy Tuesday my dear friends, TAKING RESPONSIBILITY “God gives the nuts, but He does not crack them.” (German proverb) If only the right opportunity were to come along, we think to ourselves, we could make a real success of things. We look with envy at others we see as being more successful. They must have [...]

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